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Hello great minds,

I would love to share my wealth of knowledge on recent computer digital skill work tools. Easy Worship Propresenter Power point Corel draw Photoshop Easy Worship: Is a presentation software that has multi tasked features of works done in a computer, it helps in creating photos, song, hymns, video, media coverage, notifications, graphics templates, etc. It makes public presentation jobs and outlets easier and cheap. Good Versions of easy worship software in the market stores and online. (Easy Worship 7, Easy Worship 2009, etc) Propresenter: Is a presentation software unlike easy worship, but it has an advanced professional features than easy worship. Good versions of Propresenter is Propresenter 6, 7 etc) PowerPoint: Is a presentation software used to project works done with a computer through visuals like projector screen & projector machine. It has similar features of an easy worship software but not in all cases. Corel Draw: Is a graphics design software, used to create beautiful graphical works with a computer or smart phone. It can be used to design birthday cards, complementary cards, wedding, burial, gift card, pictures, video etc. Good versions of Corel draw are Corel X6 X7, Corel x9, etc.) Photoshop: Is a graphics design software unlike Corel draw, it is used to create professional graphics design job. Good versions of Photoshop software are CS 2003, CS2 2005, CS3 2007, CS4 2008, CS5 2010, CS6 2012, CC 2013, CC 2014, etc.) PS: Your comment and reaction is needed for more works to be added.

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