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Membership  of YFSD is free and open to all who wish to be part of a positive movement to create a new and prosperous society built on knowledge and collective support for each other. To become a member we expect you to have a good knowledge of how NGOs are created and managed. We have a technical partner where we direct all intending members to go and take a certificate course on HOW TO START AND MANAGE AN NGO, get a certificate and be immediately added to the membership base to enjoy all the benefits of being a YFSD member.


1. Be able to attend free international courses with certificates, also have access to capacity building workshops online and onsite

2. Be invited and given visa invitation letter and introductory letter to attend international humanitarian events

3. Be part of our effort to establish state offices which will also serve as individual members office addresses thereby improving on your business

4. Engage in humanitarian activities as will be designated by the NGO in each state

5. Have a certificate of membership

6. Active and recognized members will get letters of recommendation and introduction when needed

7. Members are carried along in various developmental programs that the NGO will be engaged in

8. Be the first to get access United Nations approved job vacancies and training adverts

9. By engaging in humanitarian activities in our state chapter, you will become a recognized figure. 

10. Members are free to add the title of M-YFSD to their names in public. 

11. As soon as a state have 250 members, each member will be encouraged to have a business and have an address with the NGO's office in that state. 



Doing Homework

Students, Professionals, Corps Members and other interested Nigerians are invited to join our volunteer programs, with this they can start early enough to learn the art of volunteering and offering support to the society.

They will also have the opportunity to take part in the NGO's various activities and programs. 

Our volunteers also get letter of appreciation, recommendation and certificates. 

Capacity Building 

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Capacity building and skill acquisition is fast becoming the norm today especially with the current state of the economy. Everyone is fast realizing that without acquiring life saving skills one might just be lost in the state of stagnation and poverty.


We engage our members in great and wonderful capacity programs which usually transform into practical skills. We  strongly encourage our members and other members of the society to embrace technology and digital education as it is now becoming almost a must for any one that aspire to attain greatness in a modern society. 

you can also STUDY the following courses below for free


In Person

Visit our office today and tell us more about how you want to support or join us.


Suite 212 GCL Plaza, Banex,

Wuse 11, Abuja. Nigeria


You can donate to this noble movement. 


Over the Phone

Our lines are always open with dedicated lines, ready to listen to your calls. 




By Email

We are very prompt in responding to emails, feel free to reach us by mail any time.

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